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Wes's Web News

Wes's Web News

December 12th, 2002 Well the site is back without the stupid popups... Except for one from my URL forwarder... but I'll get that fixed soon. I've taken off a bunch of old pages that really aren't useful anymore, and hopefully I'll get a chance to add more recent and useful stuff. Take care and Merry X-Mas. Wes
February 25th, 2002 I think it's pretty obvious that my site has become low priority in my to-do list. So for now, I'm just fixing critical problems. One of those problems would be the detection of a virus in my MPEGed program. There is no virus present, it's simply a piece of compiled code that stands out similar to a virus. I don't have time to troubleshoot this further for now or try rebuilding the last release. So my explaination will have to suffice for the time being. Thanks, Wes
February 25th, 2002 This sucks, school's done, no one wants to do anything anymore.. Time to start working. :-p So updates will be few and far apart. I'm back on crappy Tripod again, I hate their popups, but hey, it's the best I can do right now. Just minimize the popup and hope it doesn't open a dozen shopping sites. Kirby's birthday Friday Oct 12!! Love ya! :-)
April 17th, 2001 Wow, three whole months! Well I fixed a stupid path error, so now my news page works on JavaScript enabled browsers again. Other than that, nothing much is new. Half way through my last semester of school, and I'm just trying to enjoy myself before it's all over. I really want to come up with a new design or put up some new content, so when I get some spare time...
April 10th, 2001 The site is being moved to a different server, so the "Last Updated" dates will all be reset. :(
January 31st, 2001 A new release for the new year, MPEGed v1.00 RC 1 is now available.
December 23rd, 2000 Well, it's been a long time. Nothing much developing lately. Need more information, just ask.
October 16th, 2000 Good news! I'm going to start updating my site from school. So now, hopefully, I will be able to update/repair the numerous pages that are getting old. Bye for now. (btw, the ICQ instant message form wasn't working, so I removed it temporarly.)
October 12th, 2000 Well, well, well. I guess that poems are worth a thousand words! Anyways, haven't had much time for the site lately... Just a matter of maintaining for now, my Collections section has been updated... Enjoy. Oh dave, here's a hint, she was in Cam's Physics Class Last Semester.
September 13th, 2000 School's been going very well. I have the teachers I want for the subjects I want and hopefully I will find some time to workon my site more. Anyways, I modified the URL for the Hardware Help link in the left navigation bar.
August 25th, 2000 ARGH! School starts in a few more days... no more updating for a while :-(. Oh well, check out the new/updated 'COLLECTIONS' link to the left.
July 22nd, 2000 Big changes on the way... Just cleaning up and updating some old projects, check out the new beta of my speed test.
May 6th, 2000 One last quick update, my new e-mail addresses are and ... I've changed the top navigation bar to reflect these changes.
May 6th, 2000 Another month without an update... While here's what's new; Speed Test v2.0 beta 1 is now linked in the left frame, Netscape Tweaker 2K beta 4 is now available. That's about it, but at least I won't have people bugging me for a make-shift version of Netscape Tweaker. Hope to update again some time. TTYL :-)
April 1st, 2000 Wow, a whole month with no update! I've been very busy with school work and trying to get enough sleep. I haven't even gotten a chance to do anything spectacular on my weekends. Math 20P, Social 20, and English 20 are all very ..... entertaining. ;-)
February 12th, 2000 Haven't had much time lately, with the threats of a school shooting and the start of a semester. I turned 17 today (big whoop), anyways I'll try to update some stuff soon, TTYL.
January 13th, 2000 Well, the semester is coming to a close. I will soon be bothered with final exams and other annoying factors, which will prevent me from updating my page for a while. But here's a quick list of what's new: Main Page -- new graphic, new Javascripts; All Pages -- Popup killer script (rewritten by me). In the works: Main Page; Search Page; Links Page; CGI scripts (guestbook, counter etc.). Bye for now, TTYL. ;-)
January 10th, 2000 Wow, I've made an entry every day the last three days! Anyways, I thought it would be a good time to add MP3 discs 14, 15 and 16 to my MP3 Lists section. (Please note that the listed MP3s are not for download, the lists are simply a reference for friends) More changes coming soon...
January 9th, 2000 Another day, another entry. I've been going back and correcting any issues with my page. Due to lack of time and GeoCities deleting part of my site The Simpsons section has been removed. Tripod popups suck! That is why I chose to destroy them and hopefully make your visit more enjoyable. I've had another 300+ visitors in the past 12 hours, good news... It encourages me to do more with my site and possible revamp or add better content. Still a few bug that need to be worked out of MPEGed, maybe when I get a chance I'll do so and release beta 3. Bye for now :-)
January 8th, 2000 I just released a new program called MPEGed today, so far it's been a hit on I've already had over 200 new visitors. Anyways, I removed the seasons greetings thing and I'm adding/updating the MPEGed page. So far the return to school has been okay (not good), but okay. :-)
January 1st, 2000 Well the new year is here, nothing unusual happened except for the Timex server reading the year 19100 and a beer tap in a Canadian bar malfunctioned :-) Enjoy 2K. L8R
December 8th, 1999 I've just updated my MP3 Listing section, so if any of my friends are curious...
December 7th, 1999 Well, it's been over a month now... Nothing really new, I've just been busy with school and stuff. Don't expect many changes for a while (possibly a month or maybe on new years eve! It's not like I have anything better to do.) ;-) -TTYL
October 20th, 1999 I've made a few minor changes and a few major changes. Such as, switching my URL from to, adding new guestbook services, and adding a new message forum. I plan on updating my links page sometime soon and updates the Wes's Picks section. Hopefully the new version of Speed Test will be up soon, the new version will include better benchmarking techniques and an option to benchmark high speed connections. Also, I have a new tech. support page somewhere, but it needs to be updated badly and won't be online for a while.
July 13th, 1999 For all those people out there with old crappy browsers: You can now browse my site without frames! (wow :-))
July 10th, 1999 Damn image maps, well I guess you have noticed I've switched back to the multi-image layout... Oh well, if your connection can't handle lots of 150 byte images you should have come here! I've added IrCQ chat and I'm working on the new speed test. TTYL
June 3rd, 1999 Ummmm... Yeah. I just sorta changed the left Navigation Bar because of my school's slow internet connection (took a while to load all of those 200 byte images :-)). The new bar would be a pain in the butt to update so if I find it necessary I'll have to go back to the conventional multi-image NavBar. TTYL :-P
May 14th, 1999 Hmmmm... I think a change would do some good... Well, I'm writting this (err typing) while I add some final touches to my web site. If the date on this entry is not correct it is because I either updated later than now or before now (hehehe I can travel back in time :-)). Oh well, I guess if you're reading this, you are also noticing the new interface and some new pages. CHECK OUT Netscape Tweaker (I NEED FEEDBACK) and please send any problems/bug reports to my e-mail address. Thank-you :-)
April 7th, 1999 I've been busy with other things and haven't had a chance to incorporate my new interface for the web page. In the mean time I've added an MP3 list to the existing interface.
January 26th, 1999 My QuickBASIC page has had over 1000 visitors in 2 months! Check it out at I've also completed WVTAMP v2.0, all of the graphics are completely different.
January 7th, 1999 Wes's Web has reached it's 500th visitor.
January 7th, 1999 It's been a while, and it will be another while until I finally add any other pages.
January 1th, 1999 Happy new year!!!
October 7th, 1998 Today is the day that Wes's Web has reached it's 400th visitor!!! and also the day that I perform a big update. Hmm, it seems that creativity has left my mind.
September 6th, 1998 Today is the day that Wes's Web has reached it's 300th visitor!!! and also the day that I perform a big update.
September 3rd, 1998School has started, but that doesn't mean my web page's life is over...
August 25th, 1998It turns out that all of my updates haven't been on-line. The FTP server has been down whenever my FTP software had started to upload the page. Oh well, all updates are now on-line and have been combined in to one super page! :-)
July 26th, 1998Adding mass amounts of multi-browser compatible dynamic content! :-)
Sometime in JuneA few minor updates and modifications.
-------------------- The big update has taken place!
May 25th, 1998 Worked on completing the rest of the site for the big update.
May 22nd, 1998 Created News Page, checked functionality of pages and finished linking.
May 21st, 1998 Created new layout and some new pages, along with some graphics.
May 3rd, 1998 The news is going to be shorter from now on and mostly about the web page status.
April 13th, 1998 I just bought a hard drive and I am amazed at it's speed. Quantum fireball 8.4GB UDMA 9ms or less!
March 18th, 1998 Don't have a hard drive so I can't update for a while.... How am I doing this update? Let's just say that uploading over a 14400bps modem from a DOS FTP client isn't that fun.
January 14th, 1998 I need to work on an update badly...
November 1st, 1997 Wes's Web is celebrating it's 1st birthday!
September 9th, 1997 A huge update has just taken place..... check it out!
August 24th, 1997 Man that summer went by quick!
July 20th, 1997 Wow! It's hot.... Thought I'd update so people didn't think I was dead. :)
June 22nd, 1997 It's about time! Now I have the freedom to get a job.
June 10th, 1997 School's almost done....
May 28th, 1997 Some sites have change their URL, I've just updated them on my links page and added a cool image.
April 20th, 1997 Nothing much to update
April 1st, 1997 April fools, always a fun day. :)
March 30th, 1997 Cool, check out the cool graphics I've made with Paint Shop Pro.
March 15th, 1997 Sorry, it's been more than a month.
February 12th, 1997 Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me...
February 11th, 1997 It's been a while since the last update, but my birthday's tomorrow. If I get enough money (about $75.00) I will upgrade my computer and update this page at least once a month.
January 1st, 1997 Welcome to 1997 !!!
December 31st, 1996 Wow!! I've taken the time to wait and upload this at 11:59pm.
December 20th, 1996 Christmas break has arrived...
December 10th, 1996 Christmas is close...
November 30th, 1996 You can tell I'm happy about having my own home page.
November 28th, 1996 This news thing is becoming a hassle, it's like writing a diary.
November 27th, 1996 I've just modified my Simpsons' page, I still think it requires lots of work.
November 3rd, 1996 I hate how GeoCities makes you put on their banners, oh well.
November 1st, 1996 The birth of Wes's Web has taken place.

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