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Welcome to Wes's Web - The only place you will find SLI Hacker and Netscape Tweaker <body text="#FFFFFF" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> Check out some of my very useful programs. Find out how to tweak your computer, increase performance, and beat Microsoft's limitations. Learn how to participate in network gaming, and on-line gaming. Find out about your favorite games and how to play them with your friends. This web site has many features, from Audio files that stream to Well thought out technical support pages. So come visit Wes's Web and I'm sure you will find something that will interest you. The main feature of my page has been my programs which allow more control over the most common drivers or applications. These programs include Netscape Tweaker and SLI Hacker, both of which have been fully tested. Simpson, Pictures, Sounds, Hardware, Network, Gaming, Windows, Crash, Scan disk, Speed Test, ICQ Chat, Links, Win Amp Skins, Win98, Win95, Win, Help, Technical, Electronics, 3dfx, SLI, Mismatch, SLI Hacker, SLI Hack, Netscape Tweak, Netscape Tweaker, Programming, Quick Basic, Quick-BASIC, Visual Basic, Visual-BASIC, Fix, Computer, Software, Tweak, Tweaking, Performance, Download <a href="wwmain.html">Click here to use Wes's Web without frames.</a> </body>